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I’ve pinched this idea off English Mum because I think it’s gorgeous.
She says pretty much what I want to say so I’m just going to let her say it here too (she does so love to talk that one).

“I love blogging. I’ve met all manner of wonderful people (and the odd horrible one), both in real life and online, travelled, visited amazing places and made loads of friends. Sometimes, when I’m reading the gazillions of blogs that I subscribe to, I think it would be nice to tell other people about the fantastic things my friends and fellow bloggers write about and photograph. There are always so many amazing things on the internet: great recipes, fun stories, great photos…
So I thought I’d put together a little ‘top 20′ for you to enjoy at your leisure. Think of it as my gift to you for November. Some are old, some are new, but all are brilliant. Enjoy!”

Yeah. What she said.
Here are mine:

  1. The Blog Up North has always been a HUGE supporter of The Gallery. He took it a step further with this entry for The Colour Red. It won him a prize too!
  2. Another Gallery winner, this time Cass who blogs at Surfacing and wrote beautifully and emotionally about a trip to Venice, Italy and had Judge Spud (below) near to tears.
  3. Ah yes, Judge Spud. I have a huge crush on Spudballoo who writes at Chez Spud. See these photos to understand why . . .
  4. My children were made official Toys R Us Toyologists earlier this year. Which basically means they get sent loads of cool toys and are asked to share their thoughts on them. This made me the Best Mum in the World Ever. Yes, I am still dining out on the title. A most amazing opportunity and if you want to get in on the act or be in with the chance of winning a whole host of goodies sign up to the Toys R Us Facebook page.
  5. The really quite wonderful Jane at How I Like My Coffee showed us all why blogging is such a wonderful pastime.
  6. I adored this post by Mocha Beanie Mummy about her son starting school; probably because my own 5 year old was taking those tentative steps into Reception at the same time.
  7. I discovered the beauty that is newcomer Shit Mummy. No specific post, just the whole goddam blog.
  8. I also discovered Quavers for Breakfast. Words seriously fail me.
  9. Oh how I heart Laura at Are We Nearly There Yet Mummy? Her life is one long embarrassing/hilarious love in. Like this brush with the law . . .
  10. The hugely popular and quite hilarious Linda Jones at You’ve Got Your Hands Full (and by the way, I used to live with her back in the day when we were both jobbing journos, and that girl has a big big heart) said a very poignant goodbye to blogging.
  11. For Halloween, Paula at Battling On made cute look really really quite freaky.
  12. Sometimes the comments on posts are as riveting as the posts themselves. For example this one from Liz Jarvis at Living With Kids about why some mums abuse others online for the choices they make.
  13. Another blogger who makes me feel ‘normal’ when my kids show me up in public is Emily at More Than Just A Mother – fear ye not Em, for there are countless restaurants in town we can no longer visit too!
  14. I recently discovered Fran at Being Me after she commented on this blog. Her post How to Dress your Baby and Save Money pretty much sums her up!
  15. My very lovely friend Dave at Mister Good Guy donated $100 to Shelterbox via Bloggers for Haiti for his very first donation through his Mona Lisa Million Project. Gorgeous gorgeous man.
  16. Lovely Josie at Sleep is For the Weak has had a traumatic few months. She’s slowly bouncing back with a new blog design. Big love Josie x 
  17. I met Rachel who writes at Tales from the Village recently. I love her. No I mean really, I love her. I laughed when I saw this very bad vlog (her words, not mine) on how to ice a cupcake at the time, now I look at it through different eyes!
  18. English Mum is having an Autumn Bake Off. Don’t enter because I’ve already entered mine and I’m going to win . . .
  19. This post from Very Bored in Catalunya did so make me chuckle. NO idea what she’s talking about mind . . . *ahem*
  20. I utterly adore this short, simple post from Bumbling Along about her little girl Moo. And for the record Bumbling; here’s a compliment you can’t brush off: I’ve seen you in action – you are a wonderful mother.
  21. I love that Little Mummy Erica has a list of ‘100 things to do before I die’. And she crosses them off as she does them. She had me at “See Erin get married”. Sniff.
  22. Don’t shoot me, or come at me with pitchforks, but Christmas is coming (hush, hush, I know I know). But Violet Posy has the most gorgeous Thrifty Christmas carnival going on you’ll be hard pressed not to join in the fun and frolics!
  23. I met Kerry Jean Power on a wonderful blogger trip to Seaworld, Florida earlier this year. She is one of those PRs all PRs should aspire to be like. She is now Kerry Jean Lister and her joy at getting married has been utterly infectious. 
  24. And finally Kate, for the love of God woman, control your child!

Oops yes, I realise I’ve done 24. So shoot me!

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