A boys view of Beauty and The Beast

When the new Beauty and the Beast Blu-Ray DVD plopped through our letterbox, I expected 5 year old Mia to dance a merry dance and cling on to my leg for at least a week in thanks.

I did not expect her 7 year old brother to become obsessed with it.

“I’ve got Prince of Persia for us to see Dan. Shall we watch it after school today?”
I’m beyond excited that I now have a child old enough to enjoy movies as much as I do.
“I’ll just watch a bit of this with Mia, while I’m waiting. In fact just give me 10 minutes. Or until that bit where the beast is attacked by the wolves. 
Or how about I just watch all this and Prince of Persia another day.”

Seriously, anyone who doesn’t own this DVD, put it right now.
It’s gorgeous. It’s a classic. It’s stunning on Blu-Ray and it’s beaten a buffed up Jake Gyllenhaall into touch for a whole week in this house, which is no mean feat.

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