The Gallery: Week 32: Halloween special. With prizes

Hello and welcome to week 32 of The Gallery.

So in two weeks’ time it’s Halloween (yes, yes I know I’ve missed off the apostrophe, but it’s more modern this way . . . )
We’re just a little bit in love with the whole Halloween shebang in this house.
Pumpkin carving, dressing up, apple bobbing, running around screaming when trick or treaters ring the doorbell. Inappropriate fancy dress costumes. So high on sugar we can’t sleep properly for the next week.
We do the lot.

So of course this week’s theme needed to have a Halloween slant.
Horror? Good heavens no.
Things that go bump in the night? Too hard!
Someone on Twitter suggested ‘fancy dress costumes’. Could you even imagine what we’d be letting ourselves in for?

So I’ve gone for something really easy and all inclusive.
This week’s theme is: The Colour Red.

So bring out your little devils, your apple bobbers, your frightful fancy dress costumes (as long as they’re red).
Or don’t opt for the Halloween slant at all. It just needs to show ‘red’.

And just to add to the fun I have two bumper packs of Snazaroo Halloween Face Paints to give to the people who make me laugh/cry/swoon the most!
The face paints and Special FX kit offer a fiendishly clever way to make your Halloween as ghoulish as possible, offering everything you need to create some truly horrifying creations!
Realistic wounds? Check
Gashed finger? Check
Zombie, vampires and demons? Check check check.
And if you’re not the best at face painting you can even visit the Snazaroo site for step by step guides on how to create your monster.

I’ve got one of the sets here at home to try out: They’re utterly fab and we’re going to ‘experiment’ on daddy this weekend . . . 
The Gallery will close early this week (on Sunday, October 24) so there is enough time to get the prizes out well in time for Halloween.
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Appreciate the wonderful words and photos that are opening themselves up to you.
The link stays open until the following Tuesday, so don’t worry if you don’t manage to post on Wednesday.

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