In love with pink Meccano

Of course the most important thing to ascertain after you’ve had granddad spend most of his Sunday afternoon building your pink Meccano motorbike is, what character is going to ride on it?

Cuddly bulldog with freaky bulging eyes? Hmm, he has to be squashed in to get in the ‘cockpit’ and he doesn’t really fit in with the whole ‘pink’ theme going on . . .

Lazytown’s Stephanie. Score! She’s pink and her legs fit through the leghole bits.
But darn it, her legs won’t bend to allow her to sit down and she looks odd just standing there . . .

A Micro Pet. Can’t reach either the pedals or the handle bars and is, well, you know, a dog, but, it’s a total winner and so takes pride of place on the bedside table in its new mean machine.

Meccano Pink 10 Model Box, £17.97
The construction set for girls comes with all the tools and parts needed to make either a bike, a car or a helicopter. The sections are all big and bright and plastic and fairly easy to put together, but younger fingers may need quite a bit of help.
Mia loves it because, being pink, there is no way jose her big brother is going to try and steal it for himself.
(This set was provided via the Toys R Us Toyology scheme). 

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