Fun with Barbie and BeyBlades

As the mother of a boy, I’ve suffered Match Attax. Twice. I’ve gone through Crazy Bones, Bakugan, Pokemon and World Cup sticker phases.
I am currently stuck in a limbo featuring pretty much all of the above.
What is it about boys and collecting stuff?

Then this set pops through the door in our latest box of toys to review for Toys R Us. Ye gods, MORE things to collect.
I weep quietly in the corner and consider hiding them or giving them away or using the ‘stadium’ as a new plant pot for the garden.
But actually they are lots of fun.
BeyBlades: Stadium and Battle Tops, £9.99 and £7.99

Basically it’s that age old game of duelling spinning tops (the collecting part of it is the tops for which you can buy different ‘personalities’ – I know, go on, roll your eyes) and you set them spinning off against each other in their giant, yellow plastic stadium.
And I am the champeen! Just sayin’.
I am a big fan of the original wooden toys, but I have to say we’ve had great fun with these. Still at £8 a top, we’re probably sticking with the two we’ve got.

Barbie Fashion Fairtale Tansforming Doll, £21.99
She can change her glittering, meringue-esque dress into a, gasp, ballgown. Err that’s it.
Oh no, hang on, you can also press her belt to have a ‘fashion show tune’ blasted out for her to sashay down the catwalk to.
You might be able to tell I’m not hugely impressed.
My 5 year old has suddenly discovered dolls and dressing them up and undressing them – seriously, why do girls feel the need to make EVERY doll in the house naked?
She has a whole gang of Disney princesses – Ariel, Sleeping Beauty, Jasmin, Aladdin (seriously, she chose him too! Think it might have been the Abu the monkey toy that came with him that swung it).
But anyway, these dolls cost around £7 each.
So what do you get for your extra £15 with the Barbie Fashion queen? A transforming dress and an annoying sound effect?
I don’t think so!

And be warned; she’s a man stealer. Just look at her muscling in on Aladdin when Jasmin’s back is turned.

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