Apple and blackberry pie

It has become something of an annual event in this house to bake an apple and blackberry pie as spring turns into autumn and we’re looking for some warming comfort food to chow down on.
The apples come from the tree in our garden which was a wedding present from my very dear grandpa (who is no longer alive).
The blackberries are scrumped from local hedgerows – something my kids adore doing because they think it’s a little bit naughty (mainly because that’s what I tell them).

So here is this year’s pie. Glazed my my 5 year old’s fair hands and eaten within, well, minutes.
I’m a big fan of ‘big and chunky’ so I never pre-cook the fruit and don’t even add any sugar.
Just masses of fruit, shortcrust pastry hat on and cook.
Easy peasy lemon squeezey and one of my favourite family traditions.

If you fancy trying something warming along these lines try my Apple and Cinnamon Crumble for true autumnal tradition!

Obviously these apples didn’t make the cut. They got fed to the composter.

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