The Photo Gallery Week 25: One Day in August

When there is suffering in the world; when you see children without basic needs; mothers who cannot care for their children; people dying because they don’t have simple things like water, it makes me want to hug my own children that little bit tighter.

My children are very lucky.
They have good health, a lovely home, parents who have time to spend with them and family surrounding them who love them.
I want them to enjoy it, but not ever take it for granted.

So on the day 3 bloggers – Josie, Sian and Eva – travelled to Bangladesh to see the work Save the Children is doing out there and help press for change, I spent the day enjoying the things we love doing as a family: Bike riding, watching DVDs, running around in the back garden and beating the stuffing out of daddy. Or ‘playing rugby’ as we like to call it.

This post is for Week 25 of The Gallery: A Day in August.
Today, as the Gallery opens its doors, you will be treated to an online photo journal of a single day in August: Sunday 29th.
People all over the world going about their everyday lives: Working, playing, resting, travelling, visiting, being.

If you’re new here and want to know what the Gallery is, go andread here, and then come right back and join in!

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