Stroking my Kodak Pulse WiFi digital frame

Kokak digital frame

The introduction of digital photography has been a wondrous wondrous thing.
Take 102 photos, delete at your leisure, left with a handful of real corkers.
The only thing is we never print them out any more.
Sure a handful make it into various frames around the house, but still I have SO MANY I want to showcase.

So check out this baby. Yes ‘baby’ for this is how much I love it.
When I was sent the Kodak Pulse WiFi digital frame I thought, yeah yeah another digital frame.
But you can upload photos via the frame’s own email address! I mean come on, that is so cool. No need for a dongle or memory card that you have to keep updating.
You could give it to the grandparents who live 150 miles away and email any new pictures of your munchkins to their frame . . .

Or you keep it for yourself and stroke it just a little every night . . .
(By the way, you never have to switch it on or off as it has a self timer you can set via your internet page).

It’s not cheap, but I think it’s worth every penny.


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