Princess and the Frog and a cosy afternoon in

I have a bit of an obsession with movies.
Before children I would be at the cinema at least once a week. At LEAST.
Sometimes I would go on my own if I couldn’t get someone to come and see whatever superhero film I was obsessed with at the time.
Now my children are old enough to have developed a love of films too (this is me doing a happy dance around the room).
We’ve just introduced my 7 year old to the Back to the Future trilogy (“wow, sooo cool”) and one of our all time family favourites is Iron Giant. Surely a perfect family film?

When I told them we would be dimming the lights and getting out the bowl of popcorn for the Princess & the Frog (on Blu-Ray no less) Dan was distinctly unimpressed.
“A girls film? Aww, mum.”
I confess when it landed on our doormat as part of the Disney Blu-Ray Ambassador programme I was chuffed to bits (Mia and I saw it at the cinema and we loved it).
So the proof would be in the pudding – is it a film for girlies, or will the boys like it too?

What mummy liked:

Such great themes in this movie. That it’s OK to dream but if you really want your wishes to come true you have to work hard to get them.
That family is the most important thing.
That friendship, real friendship, is enduring.
I love that is has a slightly old fashioned feel to it. I loved the jazz (it’s set in New Orleans), I loved the songs and I LOVED the heroine Tiana – a Disney princess to really celebrate.

What the children liked:
Dan sat transfixed through the whole movie. He may have even sung along to a couple of the songs. The boy who never stops talking only stopped once to ask “how exactly do fireflies work? Is it really their bottoms that light up?”
Mia’s lone outburst was: “I’m not kissing a frog for anyone.”
So there you go.

Was it worth waiting for on Blu-Ray? Not sure. But having said that, as this has a classic in the making written all over it in this house, I’m sure glad we’ve got one in our collection.
A keeper.
(And yes, yes, I know, very dirty feet in that photo. We’d just come in from playing in the garden and, you know, washing your feet is so booooring when there is a film to watch . . )

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