Practising our guilty face

First day of school

I really do have to keep reminding myself that she’s ‘only’ 4.
So, we’re sat on the car on the way to Mia’s first day at school.
I’m a little apprehensive, a little nervous for her, a little worried I might make a total fool of myself and weep all over the hapless teaching assistant. *

So we’re driving and I’m a tad distracted but Mia’s fine and she’s listening to her favourite ever song, Mama Mia, which ABBA obviously wrote for her.

She learns forward (she’s in the front seat now because she’s Grown Up) and turns the music right down.
There is an air of importance in the car.

She gives me a ‘look’.
Mia: “Mummy. See this face?” She’s looking at me from under her unfeasibly long lashes. “Is this my guilty face?”
Me chuckling: “No. That looks like a sad face.”

She turns her head to look out of the car window.
Then turns back.

Mia: “How about this. Is this my guilty face?” . . .

I know exactly what she’s doing. I’ve told her I can totally tell when she has done something wrong because her guilty face gives her away.
She’s working on her Poker Face for school isn’t she?

(* I didn’t)

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