Portaventura review. 4 days at the park. In pictures

Late last year I spent a fabulous weekend in Portaventura with a bunch of bloggers on a voyage of discovery.

Portaventura asked if I would like to go back with my family.
I snapped their hand off right up to the elbow.
I love it there.

The hotel. I mean look at it. It was gorgeous. It was probably the best hotel room I have ever stayed in.
This is the appropriately named Lucy’s Mansion and our room was all chandeliers, oak panelling, heavy drapes and guilt-edged picture frames.
The children walked in the door and in low, almost whispered tones said in unison: “Wowwww.”
I may or may not have done a starfish on the bed . . .
Out the back there is a private pool set in Victorian-style surroundings. Gorgeous.

Portaventura is a theme park in the north of Spain.
It’s less ‘twee’ than Disney, but no less fun.
There are thrill rides, children’s rides, shows, shops and restaurants all set in four themed areas.
And boy did we made the most of our four days.
Park, shows, water park next door (where Mia managed to shut herself in a tiny locker after hubs had returned the key to the other side of the park . . . )

Personal favourites of ours were the shows which we absolutely loved.
A wild west show with shootouts, horse riding and a brilliant warm up act, a Can-Can dancing show, a Maori dance show, a quite magnificent bubble show – all free and all superb (I thought the children would do that head in hand, deep sigh, we’re only tolerating this for you mummy look – especially as some aren’t in English – but they were transfixed).

Still, I said it before and I’ll say it again, the Spanish are a very very grumpy people. I kind of got used to it, but it does grate sometimes.

We stayed at the Hotel Gold River, a complex of hotels, restaurants, swimming pools, all in a fabulous Wild West theme.
All the wagons, horses, trains, stagecoaches used on the set? The children are totally allowed to climb all over them.
If you stay at the Hotel Gold River your park tickets are included.

It’s a little misleading as the Hotel Gold River is a whole complex of places to stay in the ‘town’, from grand hotels, to rooms in the local jail and even fabulous family ‘bungalows’ set in their own private little corner complete with rocky scenery, bird song and a rocking chair on the porch. Very Waltons!
For further information, online hotel and park ticket booking visit the Portaventura website.
Details of availability and rates care also available.

I’m not sure how much our stay would have been. Expensive, I’m sure. We paid for our flights from England which cost about £400 for all 4 of us.
But our stay included a lovely buffet breakfast and a buffet dinner where dishes ranged from every salad under the sun to steak, salmon, stews, pasta, burgers, veggies and, nom nom nom, a big dessert section.
There does seem to be quite a few discount offers available throughout the year if you browse the website though.

I don’t think they market themselves particularly well in the UK because before these trips I didn’t know much about the place at all.
Now we recommend it to anyone who will listen!

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