Killer doll

OK so she’s not a killer doll. She’s not even that bad.
Not when you compare her to the likes of the scary Sally doll.
But when I pulled this . . . thing . . .  out of the latest box of toys to review for Toys R Us, I may have actually shuddered.

This doll I find, to be perfectly honest, frightening.
Sure she’s got quite a sweet face and and she’s not even that big. And when Mia clapped eyes on her, her little eyes nearly popped right out of her head. A HORSE RIDING doll.
But she’s a bit too starey. And the first night she spent in this house she crossed the line.
Hubby tucked Mia into bed that night, with Lara (for that is her name) lying next to her.
Which is no mean feat when Lara wears a riding helmet and riding boots and has long plaited hair that easily manoeuvres itself into your mouth. And while she’s not huge, she’s not exactly small.

So later that night I go into Mia’s room to make sure her covers are still on and she’s OK.
Lara is nowhere to be seen. I mean she’s nowhere. She’s not under the covers because, well, I’m pretty sure I’d see the giant lump she’d make under the duvet.
I check the floor, under the bed, behind the door, in the wardrobe, in the toy box.
Lara has left the room.
I shall repeat: Lara. Has. Left. The. Room.
In the morning, Mia trots into my room holding Lara in her arms . . .
To this day I really really don’t know.

Girls Only Lara Doll, £29.99

I’m not deducting stars because she’s freaky. I’m deducting stars because I think £30 is rather steep for a doll that just stands there (and makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up).
And when Mia sat her in my office chair, yes yes I was ever so slightly just a little bit too afraid to venture in there.

On the plus side Dan was sent an Air Hogs Vectron Wave, £29.99 which while admittedly makes a hugely annoying noise, is a pretty cool toy.

It’s a flying, hovering thing which you control by sweeping your hands underneath – no remote as it apparently uses ‘altitude sensing technology to effortlessly glide over almost anything’.
And it does magically hover just above your hands almost like some black buzzing creature.
But – for there is a but – you have to charge it up for about half an hour and each ‘go’ lasts mere minutes. I mean like 5 minutes and that’s it, over.
Which is great news for mums who are being driven mad by the thing but not so great when you’re a 7 year old in the middle of an awesome move.
So for that the Air Hog gets: ★★★★

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