A 5 year old’s party designed by Twitter


My 5 year old wanted a swimming party to mark her 5th birthday this year, but as a bunch on hunky lifeguards (they were hunky in my head anyway) had taken over the local pool I had to let her down.
So she opted for a party at home with an ‘underwater’ theme.
Preferably with a killer whale as the centre piece please mummy.
How the heck do I go about doing that?

I love parties at home. Last year I staged a ‘haunted house’ party for my son’s 7th. It was pretty awesome even if I do say so myself (hubby dressed up as Lurch to answer the door – I mean come on!)

But underwater? Where can I buy a killer whale exactly? And if I’ve got to actually make decorations, where do I begin?
Well, let me tell you. I turned to the Twitter Brain for help. Google? Pah. I said ‘help me wise Twitter to give my girlie a party to remember’. And Twitter answered.

homemade seahorse

ToniHargis (Expat Mum) said to try making a giant stuffed fish. Mia and I followed her instructions and made a dodgy looking fish and a seahorse . . . Easy peasy. lemon squeazy.
Even Dan gave a ‘wow mum, that’s pretty cool’.

Cosmic Girlie said how about blue balloons as bubbles, no mean feat since I hate balloons with the heat of a thousand suns. But I did it. For my girl. Different sized blue balloons festooned all over the place. Shiver.

Liveotherwise came up with the games.

under the sea decorations
HannahSam suggested strips of different coloured tissue paper as seaweed hanging from the ceiling (we did from the walls and doors).
Throw in a few card cut-out sea creatures with googly eyes, a 70s-style disco door curtain and some strange looking jellyfish hanging from the light fixture, and voila, welcome to our underwater grotto . . .

under the sea party decorations

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