What is it about dads and their daughters?

Most of the time he’s reprimanding her for something, or wondering where on earth she got such a devil-may-care attitude from.

Like trapping herself in a locker while on holiday because she was playing hide and seek.
Or running full pelt into a chain barrier she hadn’t seen, stopping her dead in her tracks and causing her to perform an amazing banana skin flip in the air, landing flat on her back.
On hubby’s recent 40th birthday, the children chose a card for him; a snake-like creation which folds out to reveal the words: ‘to the best daddy in the world’.
As it’s thrust into his hands to open, he declares what a lovely thought it is, only for Mia to reply quite matter of factly: “I don’t think you are.”
He looks crestfallen and quite frankly dumbstruck to which she rolls her eyes and sighs: Obviously, I didn’t mean it . . . “
And then I see them like this.
A perfect moment captured on camera.
And everything she’s ever said or done in the past is forgiven. Once again.
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