The Photo Gallery Week 23: A Memory

Ahh, look so cute right?
WRONG. This photo hides something horrible. Something which made me weep and wail and fall out with my husband.
This photo hides my misery.
For, dear internet, this photo hides the time my daughter hacked her hair off.

Just saying it sends a shiver down my spine.
She hunted down the blunt pair of scissors I use to cut the labels out of clothes and cut chunks out of her hair. In the dark.
I mean CHUNKS. She looked like a victim of scabies or like she’d been given electric shock treatment. Or like she’d had an argument with an angry lawnmower.
Hubby made it a hundred times worse. “It’s only hair,” he said. Followed by: “She looks a bit like Max Wall. Anyway it will grow back.”
It had taken her more than 2 years to grow the short pixie do she had – all I could do was think about the school photos! The school photos, I’d wobble.

Not convinced? Think I’m being irrational? Here she is without the top of her head strategically cropped off in the photograph.

Of course she was all ‘whatever’ without a care in the world. I think I may have even dressed her in pink a lot that year so no one would mistake her for a boy.

I know, I know, it’s only hair and it’s not hubby’s fault, but I don’t mind confessing to you dear internet, I cried. I CRIED.
I mean look at it. She looked like a disaster zone. She looked weird.

I kid you not, she spent that whole summer in a hat.
And obviously I did what any parent would do in these circumstances: I took many many many photos of her first foray into hairdressing to embarrass her in years to come.

This post is for Week 23 of The Gallery: A Memory.
If you’re new here and want to know what the Gallery is, go and read here, and then come right back and join in!

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