Plane talking

Mia and I are sitting in a hot, packed aeroplane on our way to a holiday in the sun.
Hubs and Dan are in the row behind playing on the DS reading Beast Quest together.
Mia and I are bored and filling the time by counting how many people we can spot who have just had or are in the middle of a row.

She’s leafing through our passports, asking questions about why we need them and why no one seems to care that in in her photo she is 6 months old and bears little or no resemblance to how she looks as a nearly 5 year old today.

She starts pairing the passports up.
Boy goes with boy.
Girl goes with girl.
Grown up goes with grown up.
Child goes with child. Etc

Then she’s pairing up those who are married.
Mia: “You go with daddy . . . “
She pauses while she considers her own passport and her big brother’s.
Mia: “Can I marry Daniel when I get older mummy?”
Me: “No honey, Daniel is your brother. When you get older you will meet someone who you really really love and you will marry them.”

She pauses while this information sinks in.
She’s playing with her brother’s passport, looking at the photo page, deep in thought.
Mia: “But I’ll never love anyone as much as I love Daniel. Not ever.”

And anyone people watching on that aeroplane that day saw a mum hug her little girl just a little tighter than usual and have ‘I could MUNCH her right up’ flash in neon over my head.

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