Little girls fashion. A rant

I never rant. Well not much anyway. Well all right I do, but I mainly reserve it for when idiot TV execs replace an episode of my favourite show with the football or I get a snotty letter from school telling me I’m jeopardising my son’s education by taking him out of school on a Friday afternoon.

Other than that, I pretty much left life wash over me.

But I confess there is another subject which makes my blood boil and has me tutting under my breath and ranting to anyone standing within a couple of feet of me at the store:
Little girls clothes.
Little girls inappropriate clothes.
Little girls clothes that try to make your little girl look nothing like a little girl.

My own little girl is 4.
The minute she turned 4 it seemed the clothes available to her dramatically changed.
Gone were the cute as a button dresses and adorable tops, only to be replaced with joggers emblazened with ‘foxy’ across the bottom or ‘fashion’ tops I’ve seen teenagers wear.

Of course I’m exaggerating slightly but it felt that 4 was a threshold in the clothing world and they expected my still-not-at-school-yet girl to dress, well, like a teenager.

I have honestly struggled in some shops to find something which isn’t trying to make her look older.
I don’t want her to look older, I want her to look 4.
She wants to wear princess shoes and dresses last seen on The Railway Children.
She wants comfortable jeans not skinny jeans. She wants shoes she can climb trees in, not ones similar to the pair her 14-year-old cousin wears.
I just want her to look like a little girl.

Oh and dress like a vet. Obviously.

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