Things I love during the summer

* A cup of piping hot tea to start the day.

* Warm evenings sat in the back garden watching butterflies flit by.

* Running wild and free through long grass in the fields near our house.

* Camping with trust-you-with-anything friends.

* Homegrown fruit and veg. That actually look and taste like they should do and not like they were created in a lab at the back of the supermarket.

* All of us singing at the top of our voices in the car with the windows open. Current tracks of choice: Pink’s So What and Duran Duran’s Rio. Really really loud.

* Wearing flip flops everywhere.

* Waterfights.

* Picnics in the woods followed by a game of cricket.

* Massive homemade ice cream sundaes (or Saturdays or Mondays . . . ) with sauce and crushed meringue and sprinkles.

* Impromptu barbecues.

I also opened this question up to Twitter and asked ‘what things do you love about summer?’
Here were some of the responses:

@LottieLoves1: The smell of mown grass and sound of lawnmowers and combine harvesters.

@Cafebebe: Pimms, it staying light until 10pm.

@CateP36: Warm nights, chilled wine, being able to sit outside til all hours in a tshirt and not feel cold

@SnafflesMummy: Ice cream, strawberries and alfresco naughtiness

@PinkRaver: The smells! The smell of flowers on a warm summer evening, the smell of freshly cut grass, even the smell of summer rain!

@EnglishMum: Strawberries, raspberries, fresh peas from the pod, fresh salads, potato salad and chilled rose.

@CosmicGirlie: BBQs, Pimms, paddlings pools, bare baby feet on the grass, picnics…

@Kateab: Light nights, warm weather, eating outside, soft fruits, pimms, outdoor events.

@CareyAnnie: BBQs ice cream camping, swimming in the sea, late nights, sunshine, cream teas, days out, flip flops, shorts, sailing, travelling<

@BrightonMumTeen: Light evenings, BBQ, the beach, Birkenstocks

@Blissfulmumblog: Being able to open the doors after breakfast & letting the boys play in the garden all day!

What would you add?

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