Parenting highs?

On a recent camping holiday, the children and I ran down a grassy hill all holding hands, giggling, gasping for breath, running so fast we nearly lost our footing.

It was a real parenting high. A simple pleasure that made me feel the full warming joy of being a mother.

I was reminded of this moment while chatting on Twitter this week with @goonerjamie – a stay at home dad of 3.

He wrote a post asking what is more stressful than teaching a child to ride a bike (the answer was trying to buy them one) and he recounts an hilarious tale of how he took on a youth in a well-known High Street store which sells bikes. Go read it, it’s seriously hilarious. I’ll wait here until you come back.

So then we had this exchange on Twitter:

Looking forward to those highs? Surly he’s joking, I thought. Surely he has them all the time?
Baby Genie is on the same page as me as she commented on a recent post about the joys of swimming together as a family and hit the nail on the head:

She’s right. For a moment of embarrassment the feeling was worth it. And then some.

I couldn’t put my finger on why. It was nothing amazing really, just the four of us laughing and giggling and looking like loons in our swimming goggles (yeah, we’re all girlie wimps and don’t like water in our eyes, what of it?) while we all held hands.

It’s easy to sit around waiting, hoping, wishing for a big event to happen; major moments we want to write about and record.
But what about the hundreds of every day moments? The little things that can be just as magical?
How many of us are moving so fast that they pass us by, dismissed as the mundane.
Well me for starters. I’ve done it. I’ve had to give myself a talking to, and slow right down to appreciate just what I have.

For me it’s the really simple things:

* Splashing around at bath time

* Sitting on the end of my son’s bed and reading together

* Teaching him the 9 times tables, and that moment when it just clicking with him

* The feel of little arms around me

* A school report which says ‘Daniel is a charming, confident child . . . he has a positive attitude towards school . . . ‘

* The times, the very rare times, my little girl who isn’t very generous with her affection, sits in the back of the car and declares out of the blue: “I love you SO much mummy”.

My day can be transformed by a smile.

Those are my highs.

What are yours?

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