Our love affair with Lego continues . . .

Now all we need is for Lego to make kitchen appliances and our collection will be complete.

The Lego/Kicker hybrid shoes arrived for review and are too big for Mia to wear right which yes yes, caused tears and “why can’t I just wear 2 pairs of socks with them?” wails.
Gorgeous though aren’t they? I may have stroked them as I unpacked them and let out a tiny squeal, only audible to dogs.
And it hasn’t stopped Mia parading around the house in them like some won’t leave the house for less than a million dollars footwear model.
The Lego MiniFigures are a great idea for pocket money buys (they’re about £1.99 a pack).
Truth be told, when my 7 year old gets a Lego set the first thing he rates it on is the quality of the mini figures in there.
But some of them are a bit odd: A zombie? A Nacho Libres Mexican wrestler? They’re aimed at children, right?
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