I have a cookbook and I’m not afraid to use it

I think one of the greatest gifts you can pass on to your children is a love of food.
Real food. Good food. Food that inspires and excites.

Since having children I have become much more aware of what we eat.
Fresh ingredients. Organic, locally grown ingredients where possible. Fairtrade is a word my children know well.
I want to instill in them that food can be fun and enjoyable, there are great things to discover and that by buying wisely they can also help farmers around the world.
And then someone pointed me in the direction of Nick who writes at My Daddy Cooks – a fabulous blog in which said dad and his adorable young son Archie, video the culinary delights they hatch together. Just the best advert for getting your children into the kitchen and having fun.

Seriously, if you haven’t met Nick, go visit him right now. Well, maybe after you’ve finished here first . . .

Your kitchen can be a classroom and you’re equipping your little ones with the skills to ensure they know how to cook, how to source good ingredients and, most importantly, how to have a healthy, happy future.

So on that note, this is an advanced announcement that Friday’s Gallery will be sponsored this week by a company I’ve worked with in the past and who embodies many of the qualities I’ve talked about here: Green & Black’s.
There will be a prize for the best entry of a Green & Black’s hamper (drool over the pictures here).
And while you’re mulling that over, Green & Black’s are also looking for parents to take part in a very quick online survey to gauge your chocolate consumption. Err hello? Chocolate consumption? Lots of. As often as possible. There you go . . .
Happy cooking and see you on Friday for the Gallery theme. x

(NOTE: No children were upset during the making of this blog post. But if anyone says ‘smile Mia’ this is the face she pulls).

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