Blogging for Hadrian’s Walk

Today there is a charity walk starting in the north of England which will make me inordinately proud of a group of bloggers.

Some of these bloggers are our friends, some are strangers, some are just strange (sorry, couldn’t resist!), but they are all doing something amazing.
They are walking to raise money for a small charity which helps parents who have lost a child.
You’ve probably seen the Hadrian’s Walk mentioned many many times around the blogosphere or on Twitter.
You may have even become a little ‘blind’ to it.
But now is the time to sit up and take notice.
Now is the time to support our friends and show them that we are behind them in spirit (if not in hiking boots!)
Dan Hughes, who blogs at All That Comes With It, is passionate about this walk.
He is an inspiration and, well, if I give him any more compliments he will be UNBEARABLE, so I’ll leave it at that.
I’ve read stories of the people The Joseph Salmon Trust has helped, Dan has sent me messages about families who have been given a lifeline and believe you me, they are the sorts of stories that make your blood run cold. Stories no parent wants to read.
This charity is helping those families.
So when these bloggers take their first steps out on their gruelling journey, I will be thinking of them, tweeting them, yelling at the top of my lungs “COME ON!”
Our blogs have a very powerful voice, let’s use it for good and show what a brilliant place the parenting community can be.
It doesn’t matter if you donate £1, £10 or £50, every single bit of it goes towards the charity and the people who need it the most.
And if you can’t donate or already have done, that’s fine too, just help spread the word.
If you want to donate you can do so at the JustGiving page, through the prize raffle (first prize is a 3-night Keycamp break in Europe, second is Panasonic digital camera) or you can buy a Buff (with the added bonus that you’ll probably look way cooler than Dan does in his . . . )
So who are these bloggers taking part?
Dan at All That Comes With It (and that’s the last time you get 3 links in one post)
Jo Beaufoix (who’s been offering to show her melons for the cause . . .)
Ellie at Insomniac Mummy

Cathrine at Some Vague Utopia
Clair at Moon In The Gutter
Idaho Dad at A Family Runs Through It
Arjan at Dutchnid
Martin at Xbox4NappyRash

Good luck you guys; we’re right behind you with our ra-ra skirts and pom poms . . .

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