Be still my heart


This is the sort of photo I look at and actually lay my hand on my heart and sigh.
I know, sappy so and so right?
I often ramble on about how my two children have this adorable bond which means they will actually sit down and play board games together (even though one of them is 4 and obviously cheating is way WAY more fun that The Rules).

I took this on the first day of the school holidays.
Afterwards they played football together – Mia tottering along in her princess shoes totally not hampered by the heels habitually sticking in the grass, and Dan laughing, LAUGHING, when she shoots at goal and her plastic shoe flies into the back of the net while the ball ends up in the lemon balm bush.
I know it might not last and that one day they could be tearing strips off each other.
But this day, this day tells me there is hope for a different future.

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