I am on a journey of discovery with my daughter Mia.
A difficult journey, an emotional journey; it’s a bumpy ride and a challenge for both of us.

She is so strong willed and fiery. She doesn’t want to be confined by rules and boundaries; she naturally rebels against them. It’s in her nature. She’s not naughty, she’s independent, spirited, free.
It took me a long time to recognise this.

“Why can’t she be like her brother?” I would secretly lament to myself.
Then feel like the World’s Worst Mother for even thinking it.
“Why doesn’t she listen to reason? Why isn’t she thoughtful, considerate, compassionate?”
Of course, she is all these things just not in the same way. She does it her way.
My 4 year old daughter Mia has tested my parenting skills.
After having a model child when her older brother was born, I thought all babies were like this. I thought this parenting lark is a breeze. What was everyone talking about when they said it was tough sometimes?
Tonight we are in the bathroom together and we’re removing her war paint from a party where she got to be a ‘Flower Princess’.
She’s looking in the mirror and I can clearly see myself reflected in her big brown eyes.
I see me as a little girl, determined, fierce, a little bit cheeky.
She is my daughter and I couldn’t be more proud.
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