A week in the Loire Valley. In pictures


At half term this family spent the week ‘posh camping’ in the Loire Valley, France with Keycamp.
I say posh camping as we were in a mobile home with a shower and a fridge. And actual beds.
This is something rather new to us as we’re more used to camping where you have to trek to the toilet – usually in the middle of the night when you have young children.

I think you can tell from the photos, we had the greatest time.

When asked if we would like to try out one of their holidays, we put ourselves into the hands of Keycamp to chose us a venue (there are SO MANY) and only asked for somewhere not too big, somewhere quiet and rural and somewhere the children wouldn’t get bored.

They came up trumps with Le Chateau des Marais parc, near Chambord where we totally chilled out for a week.
I mean totally chilled out. Drank wine, played cards, chatted. Bonded as a family.


DSC_0004 DSC_0083 DSC_0030 DSC_02281
The leafy parc is quite small and set in a woodland and had the feel of the 1950s about it as people hung out on their porches, children ran around making friends and there was not a radio or a TV to be seen.
Because it was a relatively small site, people got to know each other; tipped their hat as you walked by their veranda, said a hello as you swam by them in the pool, stopped for a chat when you met in the shop.
It’s that kind of place.

Of course, most of our time was spent in the pools (even on the day it rained). And the ‘lazy river’? BIG hit with the children.
So after a day at the pool, it was a slow walk back home pulling the children along in the Radio Flyer and another glass of vino.

We actually found this region to be just about the friendliest place we’ve visited in quite a while. I mean everyone from the boulangerie owner to the men hiring out boats at the nearby Chambord Chateau – all inviting, welcoming and understanding of our appalling attempts at the French language.

DSC_0220 DSC_01622 DSC_0254

Chambord Chateau, only a 10 minute drive from the parc, was a perfect day out.
We hired a 4-man bike to ride along the river, then boated along said river, then indulged in the biggest ice creams money could buy.

And I must say a word about the trees: All shaped to form box canopies for you to walk in their shade. Just lovely.

We have been on many holidays as a family; some expensive, some simple, some disasters, some huge hits.
I can honestly say this comes under the huge hit box.
Lovely venue and we got to really be a family for a whole week.
Thanks Keycamp – we had a blast.

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