What’s the first single you ever bought?

My 7 year old son’splaylist is Lady Gaga, Michael Jackson (the early years), Red HotChilli Peppers and The Killers.

When he’s in his 30s and sat in a pub with his mates comparing the music of his formative years, he will be laughing.
He will be seen as Cool.

Here is a picture of the band whose single was the very first I ever bought in the flush of my pre teens.
I handed over my hard saved pennies with shaky hands (I was probably wearing that 80s fashion must have, the fingerless gloves too) and carried that plastic record shop bag home like I was transporting the crown jewels to the Queen herself.
It was a ‘new’ sound, it was edgy and I thought I was way too cool for school.
Funnily enough, the lead singer Suggs went on to advertise fish fingers on TV adverts. Not so cool.
Which just goes to show that even though you think the likes of Coldplay and Radiohead and Lily Allen are the cool kids now, they too could be advertising frozen veg or Hovis bread in 10 years time.

But now we’re in the age of downloads, gone are the days of the 7′ and the 12′ singles. Which is really sad because saving up for that first piece of vinyl to call your own was a wonderful part of growing up.
Of course, what I want to know is, what was the first single/album you bought?

Far be it from me to sit in judgement, but if anyone says Lady in Red they’d better have a pretty good explanation . . .

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