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My husband is a rugby coach for our son’s local tag team and, along with one of the other dads, they spend every Saturday morning in tracksuits, with a whistle around their neck, training the boys.
It’s a very big commitment and they’ve both spent many an evening pouring over spreadsheets, tinkering online and planning over late-night calls.
Last Saturday was their prize-giving ceremony where medals are handed out, trophies won and the past season celebrated.
At the end of the awards, one of the boys (he won Club Player of the Year) gave his coaches a gift each and a card he’d made himself.

It began: “Thank you for a fantastic year and for training us . . .”
That young man, I am very proud to say, is one of my son’s circle of friends.
A group of 7 year olds who love their sport, get holes in the knees of their school trousers, can be loud and a bit cheeky – but who I am delighted my boy calls friends.

As parents we all worry about what sort of person our children will become.
Will they remain sweet-natured and kind or will the hardships of life change them; make them more cynical; darken them?

My own 7 year old is a sensitive, thoughtful lad who cares for his sister and who still wants to hug his mum.
He has a very strong sense of right and wrong, has a thirst for knowledge and can be found just as often with his head buried in a book as it is in his DS.
And he has great taste in friends.

Of course, as his mum I am inordinately proud of him, but I am excited for him too. Excited at his potential and for the man he could grow into.
Another generation of men with the power to make the world a better place.

This post is for week 11 of The Gallery: Men.

So what did you all come up with?
It’s week 11 of The Gallery and as you know, I launched it to showcase all the amazing photographs I see dotted around the blogs I visit.
This is an online art gallery of all your work.

And the results have been stunning and exceeded my wildest expectations.
People taking part have seen the number of people visiting their blog rise, they’ve met new people and have helped create an exciting buzz around the internet.
That’s you helping drive this. You are making a different just by taking photographs!

And the beauty is you can jump in any time you like.
Miss a week, miss 2, come back; you don’t even have to post a picture if you don’t want to, just visit everyone else’s. If you are joining in this week at the foot of this post you will find a widget to add the URL to your own Gallery post.
The aim is to get as many of your photographs viewed by others, so if you do have the time, make sure you try and visit some of the other entries – even if it’s only a couple – and let them know what you think.
And if you’ve missed this week’s prompt, no problem as there will be a new one on Friday.

I can’t wait to see what you come up with.

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