The Gallery: Friendship

The school playground is a notoriously difficult place for parents.
If you’re shy or new or a parent who works full time, you can step onto that tarmac and feel the years strip away until you too feel like a child in a very scary place.
Everyone seems to know each other, has something to discuss, something to share and you, you feel like an outsider; like you don’t belong.
It’s horrible. It can be soul destroying.
When my son started school 3 years ago I thought this was where I was heading.
He didn’t know anyone (he had been at nursery in a different town), I didn’t know anyone (I worked full time) and we were moving him to a village school where the close-knit community’s children had pretty much grown up together.
I confess I was dreading it.
Probably more than my son who, trotted into school on that first day without so much as a “bye mum” and came home having made a new best friend.
Three years on they are still best friends and through their friendship we met his parents and their friends and found a group of very warm-hearted, genuine, lovely people.
Hubby and I have often thanked our lucky stars at our son’s good taste in friends!
So today I would like to say a virtual thank you to the group of people who took us into their circle with open arms, made us feel welcome, made us feel like friends.
This is a picture from a camping holiday we were invited to join last year – 8 families and their children enjoying the sunshine.

This post is for week 13 of The Gallery: Friendship.

So what did you all come up with?
It’s week 13 of The Gallery and this showcase of all your amazing photographs – this online art gallery of all your work – has been stunning.

People taking part have seen the number of people visiting their blog rise, they’ve met new people and have helped create an exciting buzz around the internet.
That’s you helping drive this. You are making a different just by taking photographs!
And the beauty is you can jump in any time you like.
Miss a week, miss 2, come back; you don’t even have to post a picture if you don’t want to, just visit everyone else’s. If you are joining in this week at the foot of this post you will find a widget to add the URL to your own Gallery post.
The aim is to get as many of your photographs viewed by others, so if you do have the time, make sure you try and visit some of the other entries – even if it’s only a couple – and let them know what you think.
And if you’ve missed this week’s prompt, no problem as there will be a new one on Friday.I can’t wait to see what you come up with.

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