I have taken to walking every day.

Through the kissing gate, past the sheep, up by the horse chestnut trees and out into the countryside.
For that hour I don’t think about whether there is enough milk in the fridge for breakfast or how large the ironing pile is or how I’m going to get given the run around in the bedtime hour.
I walk. I think.
My soundtrack is the birds singing in the trees and the bees buzzing in the hedgerows.
In the distance someone is mowing their grass.
The smell is delicious.

Every day something changes: Flowers bloom, petals are lost, wheat grows taller, baby animals change.
And every day I enjoy an overwhelming sense of peace that I thought I would never reclaim since having children.

I have taken to walking every day and I my head is very very grateful!

(Of course I still take my phone with me to capture a snap or two . . . )
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