Green Fingers


The minute the weather improves you can’t keep my children out of the garden.
Exploring, digging, getting enough dirt under the fingernails to give mummy heart failure.

I love this time of the year when the sun starts to warm the earth and breathe new life into the cold, hard ground.



It’s a time for discovering the joys of the fresh air and the wind on your face . . .



It’s a time for discovering bizarre and unknown new things lurking in the hidden recesses of the playhouse (this was found inside a spider’s cotton white ‘cocoon’ and was a stunning beige and white colour and felt like it was almost made of paper. And inside, the tiniest little honeycomb – any ideas?)



It’s a time for watching new things emerging from the soil . . .



And it’s a time for bringing new life into the garden. This stick is actually a Silver Birch tree from Tree 2 My Door, an online tree delivery service which means you get to send a living gift that will keep on giving and growing. Brilliant idea. I’m now coveting the Olive Tree – imagine being able to grown and create your own olive oil?)

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