6 things you need to know about raising a 4 year old girl

1. You will never ever be right. 

Even when you think you’re right; convinced you’re right – have it in WRITING that you’re right, you won’t be right.
And then you’ll even begin to question yourself about being right.

2. Fashion will play a big role from a very early age.
And by that I mean you will constantly fight over fashion. Why she can’t wear wellies to bed, why she needs to wear something, anything on her arms when it’s -5 degrees outside and, for some, why wearing top to toe pink might make them look like a giant ice lolly.

3. Affection is conditional.
It won’t be dished out like a big, sloppy puppy like boys dish out hugs and ‘I love you mummys’. 
It will be when she wants and how she wants to give it. 
You may even get comments like: “I’ve run out of kisses, you’ll have to wait” or “you’ve had your hugs for today. You can’t have another until tomorrow so don’t ask again”.

4. It’s a battle of wits.
Where can I hide the mascara so she won’t find it? Answer: You can’t, she will ALWAYS find it. And then punish you because you dared to hide it from her.

5. They’re cunning. Oh so cunning.
Even at this young age, my 4 year old knows how to manipulate. Mummy said no to a gingerbread man before dinner? Go and ask daddy. Throw in a hug, doe eyes and a big sigh and you’re guaranteed to get the answer you’re looking for.
Just before you need to ask for something you know you don’t stand a cat in hell’s chance of getting, do a bit of groundwork. Say something like: “Mummy, I love you all the way to the bottom of the ocean, into a shark’s stomach and all the way back out again”.
When mummy is basking in the glow of such a sunny comment, BAM ask for your impossible thing and you just might catch her off guard.

6. They will make you fiercely proud.
Because of numbers 1 to 5, when at the end of the day she crawls into your lap, creeps her hands around your waist and tucks her head into neck, you will feel a warm glow like no other.

Obviously no two children are the same and these are my experiences of raising a rather challenging girl. And I guess it isn’t always necessarily just the girls showing these traits.
So what’s your number 6?
(And there is a boy one coming on Sunday!)

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