6 reasons why Lego is the best toy ever

Lego city railway station

1. It’s an emotional toy
We’ve been given this Fire Station set to ‘test’ and the children nearly screamed the house down when the postie delivered it.
What other toy can do that?

2. I creates harmony throughout the house
Some mornings I am vaguely aware that the children are up but they’re playing together so quietly I’m actually afforded a lie in. A LIE IN.
They are playing Lego; building stuff, making up stories, helping each other, creating.

3. It helps families bond
Every night after school for one week my children and I rushed home to add some more pieces to our expanding Fire Station set.
The 3 of us. Sat around the kitchen table together over a common interest. Getting excited because the up-and-over doors on the station are just BRILLIANT.


4. It’s good value for money.
Even when it’s broken it’s the best fun. Buy a ‘nuts and bolts’ box from B&Q (or any other hardware store), put all the pieces in different compartments and voila; you’re very own imagination station (above).
Unless of course you’re one of those people who never takes it out of the box. Or is so nerdy they won’t let their children ‘mix’ the differently themed sets.
Yes, I know of someone just like this and yes he is a nerd. And yes I’ve told him.

star wars mini figures

5. You never ever ever get bored of it
Once you start you just can’t get enough of it. It’s so bloody clever, the little windows, the way you start building a little section and it clicks onto another section and voila, you have a battle craft with rotating cockpit and snazzy lights.
We’ve had Star Wars Lego, City Lego, Ben 10 Lego, and now we’re coveting the new Toy Story Lego. And when I say we, yes yes I mean me.
I’ve actually found myself tidying Dan’s Lego box away and absent mindedly building a super jet powered hovercraft with twin guns and a front-loading cockpit . . .

6. It’s good for your marriage.
We took Dan to Legoland a couple of years ago and he desperately wanted the aeroplane set, which at £30-odd was quite an expensive buy.
When I say Dan was desperate for it, he actually wanted a £5 Stormtrooper keyring.
“Don’t you want something to remember today by” we coaxed him and pointed him towards the kit we wanted.
The minute Dan was in bed that night we got it out and started building; you know to help him. We sat at that kitchen table for 2 hours solid – Husband building, me passing the parts and in charge of the instructions.

The make them partially for adults anyway . . . Fact.

. . . and one reason why it’s NOT the best toy ever . . .

I swear, if I get one more primary-coloured brick stuck in the soft fleshy bit of the sole of my foot I will SCREAM.

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