Online friends

I confess I don’t really make friends very easily.

I’m quite cautious, I hold myself back and tend to stand on the periphery of things.
Sure I’m all huggy and you can’t shut me up once you get me started, but the actual making ‘friends’ bit I’m not so good at.
And making friends online? Well, if you’d told me I would ever do that I would have laughed in your face and called you a saddo.
Then I started blogging and discovered people I felt a bond with; people I just liked through the power of their words; people I just knew were ‘my’ kind of people.
And that’s a pretty tough thing to do when you’ve never actually met them.
This week I met a bunch of them.
An informal get together (because a few of us live quite close) and a real mixed bag of mums you would probably never ordinarily put together.
But it worked. It was a Good Day. A day which reminds me why I blog and why this huge, faceless, unfathomable online community is actually a wonderful thing to be part of.
This week I spent a day with the girls: Rosie Scribble, Jo Beaufoix, Muddy No Sugar, Mocha Beanie Mummy, Sleep is for the Weak and Bumbling Along and I liked it.
My one and only regret is that I didn’t take one photo of all the girls together – doh!

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