Has becoming a parent made you more confident?

I think I have confessed before now that I am quite a shy person.

I feel like the 12 year old in a room of thirtysomethings and I have absolutely and utterly no reason to be there.

However, since having children I found my confidence started to peek out from behind the skirts of my bashfulness.
I actually found that becoming a mother brought me out of my shell.
I turned into a bit of a lioness: There is nothing I wouldn’t do or say if it helped my children in any way.
And then that started to creep over into other areas of my life.

I’m not talking about confidence in being a parent – my oldest is 7 and I still think I’m constantly getting it wrong and oh for the love of god, why oh why do I do/say/shout that when I know it’s a really baaaad thing to do?

Neither am I talking about the school gate because we all know how they can actually morph into the gates of Hell for many.

But what about meeting new people, or going into strange places or experiencing unknown surroundings?
I wouldn’t say I’m a confident person. Far far from it.
But put me in a room with a bunch of other parents and I’m off. Maybe it’s because we all have a conversation starting point; we all have something in common. It’s a great leveller no matter who you are or what your position.
Maybe it’s a shared experience, shared stress, shared sheer bloody exhaustion.
Or maybe it’s something else more spiritual.

I don’t know, is it just me? Is it more an age thing? Have you changed since becoming a parent?

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