Why I want to visit my son’s headteacher and tell her she’s an a**

My bright little man has been invited to visit Disneyland Paris at the end of this month to review the new features at the site.
Just take that in: Can you even begin to imagine how exciting that is to a 7 year old?

So I wrote to the school to let them know he would be taking a Friday off school and explained to them why.
I know it’s not exactly educational as such but what a great opportunity for him.
Plus Fridays at school at the moment are ‘Friendly Fridays’ where year groups mix throughout the day and play board games and make things and generally interact and well ‘play’ as my son puts it.

This is the response I got:
“I have to advise you that this absence will only be authorised if his attendance has been 96% or above by the beginning of the holiday.
In future I would urge you to avoid taking your child out of school during term time, as valuable lost classroom time and lessons, disrupts children’s education.”
I know it’s not ideal to take children out of school.

I know how important his education is.
I know that I should avoid taking him out of school during term time.
But. I am a responsible parent.
I know my son. I know what he is capable of and how far he has come in the school year.
I know because I have taken a keen interest. Because I sit with him most nights and read or do homework or do sums (seriously, it’s his choice not mine!)
The school knows this because I have spoken to his form teacher on many many occasions.
I do not appreciate being treated like I am irresponsible and wantonly ruining his education.
I do not appreciate being told how valuable lost classroom time is when this school closed for a total of 5 days during the snowy weather and all others in the area took 2.
I do not appreciate a generic, terse letter addressed: Dear parents when I took the time to write a letter addressed to the appropriate person.
Yes, I know it’s probably a standard letter sent out if you request 1 day or 20 days, but still, a little less ‘faceless redtape’ and a little more human contact wouldn’t hurt would it?
If it upset me, imagine how many other parents they’re p***ing off?

I also moaned about it on Twitter and wanted to share just a couple of the responses (which did go some way to making me feel better about it):

Screen-shot-2010-03-11-at-19.58.531 Screen-shot-2010-03-11-at-19.49.30 Screen-shot-2010-03-11-at-18.24.43 Screen-shot-2010-03-11-at-19.57.48 Screen-shot-2010-03-11-at-19.58.38
I don’t know, am I being unreasonable? Is this how other schools deal with the issue?
Isn’t it about working together as parents and educators for the best of the children?

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