The Gallery Week 2

Hello and welcome to week 2 of The Gallery.

The first theme (beauty) was just wonderful: from children to nature, the everyday to the not so every day, your entries were just fabulous.
And not only that, I got to visit and discover a whole raft of new blogs.
And someone also managed to describe it far better than I managed: A virtual art gallery – yeah, I love that! (thanks JoB!)

And so to this week’s prompt.
My son is currently in Year 2 at school (he’s 7) and he’s soaking everything up like a big ole sponge and it’s just joyous to watch.
One of his big loves is maths (or numeracy as they’re calling in these days).
So today’s prompt is: A number. I want the title of your photo to be one number.

What the heck? I can here you all saying . . .
Well, what about 14: the age you discovered fashion?
Or 10: the number of years you’ve been married?
Or 3: the number of pets in the house?
Or 4: the number of children you have?

I know, I know, it’s going to take some thought, but then that’s what this is all about – getting you to think about your pictures; rediscover old ones, or think of new ones to take.

The Gallery

In case you missed the first one, here’s the brief: I will give you a prompt, an idea, a notion and you go out and take a photograph using that prompt. Or just use a photo you already have.
The prompt could be one word, an object, an idea, a phrase, anything, and you have to post a picture which you feel represents that prompt.
Post it on your blog and write about it.

That’s it.

It’s not about taking technically brilliant photos – although if you do, I’d love to see them too. It’s about having a passion for pictures; any photos, all photos whether you took it with your all singing all dancing SLR or snapped it on your camera phone.
You don’t even have to be a blogger to take part – just send me your photo and I will publish it on my blog for you. You don’t even have to include your name if you prefer.
When you’ve published it, come back on Wednesday and via a groovy widget thing you can add a link to your post and share it with everyone.

Visit others, comment if you like them or feel inspired by them. Just go out and encourage and support amateur photographers out there.

Come back on Wednesday and join in. I can’t wait to see what you come up with.

And if you want to make sure you don’t miss any prompts or entries in future, make sure you subscribe to my RSS feed.

Go on, clicky click away, you know you want to …

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