The Gallery: Outside my front door


I am so lucky because just outside my front door there is a world of fields, gnarled trees, hedgerows and wild flowers and all just a short journey away.
OK, so they’re not exactly outside my front door, but these places are where we as a family spend a lot of our time.
They are our sanctuaries. They are places the children can run and climb and throw sticks and discover the flora and fauna and develop a love of nature.

Come take a walk with me . . .

outside-5 outside-4 outside-2 outside-71

Of course these places don’t all look like this now, but in just a few short weeks . . .

** Howdie all and welcome to week 6 of The Gallery!
As you know, I launched The Gallery to showcase all the amazing photographs I see dotted around the blogs I visit.
I wanted to create an online art gallery of all your work.
And the results have been stunning and exceeded my wildest expectations.

So on to this week’s theme which is Outside my front door.
There was less moaning when it was announced this week so I’m hoping people will find it a little easier than last week’s theme: Me (which incidentally I thought produced some truly amazing photos and stories).
So, tough one to follow!

Are you joining in this week? At the foot of this post you will find a widget to add the URL to your own Gallery post.
The aim is to get as many of your photographs viewed by others, so if you do have the time, make sure you try and visit some of the other entries – even if it’s only a couple – and let them know what you think.
And if you’ve missed this week’s prompt, no problem as there will be a new one on Friday.

I can’t wait to see what you come up with.

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