The Gallery: Beauty



Welcome to the very first Gallery! Woo hoo!
On Friday I launched this new feature designed to showcase all the amazing photographs I see dotted around the blogs I visit.
And the first ‘theme’ I chose for you to use was beauty.
At the foot of this post you will find a widget to add a link to your own Gallery post.
But before that, it’s my blog so I’m going first!This to me encapsulates everything I love about the English countryside.
There is something quite magical about it; something otherworldly.
This was taken on a day out with friends to a local park, one of those hidden gems you probably drive past a million times but never really ‘see’.
It’s so vibrant and so green and so inviting.
Plus my daughter is not wearing jeans and actually looks quite demure!
Still I think she’s beautiful no matter what she wears.

Are you joining in The Gallery this week?

If so, add your name and the URL to your Gallery post in the MckLinky below and leave a comment to let everyone know you’ve taken part.The aim of this feature is to get as many of your photographs viewed by others, so if you do have the time, make sure you try and visit some of the other entries – even if it’s only a couple – and let them know what you think.
And if you’ve missed this week’s prompt, no problem as there will be a new one every other Friday.
Happy snapping everyone!

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