I think he’s been watching too much Star Wars

Dan: “Mummy why exactly are there those giant things in the sky? Those giant metal things with shields on?”
Me: “Err . . .”

Dan: “You know, they’re there to protect us. If someone tried to shoot at the Earth from space, these things are there to make sure that doesn’t happen.”

Me: Total total blank.

Dan: “Come on mum. They’re floating in the sky all around the world and if ever someone with, you know, like a ray gun or something bigger, tries to blast our planet, or bombard us with stuff, these things will protect us.”

Me: “You mean satellites?”

Dan: “That’s it! Satellites. How exactly do they do that, you know, protect us?”

How do I tell a little boy who is convinced the world is this fabulous, magical place just like the films he watches on TV, that actually the purpose of satellites is rather more mundane?

I sit and watch Prof Brian Cox present The Wonders of the Solar System with him, that’s how and just hope, hope, that it will go someway to easing the disappointment of discovering that satellites aren’t in fact operated by Jedi mind control . . .

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