My 7 year old and I spent the weekend at Disneyland Paris as guests of the resort to mark the launch of it’s New Generation festival.
Dan will be writing his review of it very soon but I just wanted to show what a weekend in the company of a couple of mice, a handful of monsters and a couple of superheroes can do (the princesses didn’t get a look in).

That smile didn’t leave his face for 3 whole days and he bounced everywhere. Bounced
And for a cynical parents’ protestations of expense and queues and fast food and oh the queues, you only have to look at his face to see what it meant to him.

We sat side by side on the plane on our way home. We were weary, worn out and our feet ached.
We chatted about the new friends we made, the rides we loved, the morning we got caught in the rain and totally didn’t care, the double beds we got to ourselves
Then Dan says: “I had the best time mummy. Such a great time.”
I smile and he looks out of the plane window at the blanket of clouds below us.
“But the best thing was being with you all weekend. That was my favourite part.”
And mummy’s heart melts.


* The ‘sweet tray’ at an evening party we attended at Disney Studios.
They looked amazing, but the marzipan Mike Wazowski didn’t taste all that hot, truth be told.

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