Baby Elephants Can’t Add Up Sums Easily

I absolutely love the stage my son is at in his education.
He thinks he knows everything (quite obviously takes after his dad).

“Shall I tell you the trick to learning your 9 times table? You will never guess it, it’s so clever and unbelievable.”

“Did you know that your blood does the most amazing thing . . . “

“We’re learning about the rainforest at the moment. Let me tell you some of the things because they are amazing.”

Everything is ‘amazing’ and ‘so cool’; everything is new and wondrous – and he truly believes he’s learning all of this before any of us grown ups.
Which means it is clearly his job to share his new-found knowledge to anyone who will listen. And those who won’t. Especially those who won’t.
If ever I say “I know Dan” or “I used to do that at school” I see a deflated look cross his eyes and I feel like the worst person in the world for putting inky footprints all over his wide-eyed innocence.
So I’ve taken to pretending I too am learning it all for the first time.

And truth be told it has been such an eye opener. To just listen to the joy and wonder of learning through the eyes of a 7 year old. Nothing short of uplifting.

We lie on his bed together of an evening, staring at the ceiling, sharing facts; he asks me to give him difficult sums (like I said, SO like his dad) and he tells me the things he’s discovered recently.
Here are the things I have learnt this week:

Baby Elephants Can’t Add Up Sums Easily: (a trick for remembering how to spell BECAUSE).
Polar bears have black skin and their hair is actually transparent.
The world is so big that if you thought about it for too long, your mind would, you know, give up and start thinking about the grass and stuff.
In the olden days people weren’t very nice to children. I’m so glad I never had to work up a chimney.
You know the Plague? It was horrible.
Walruses really really trump. Honestly I’ve seen it on a video. It’s hilarious.
Your name backwards is ‘a rat’, mummy.
What rubbish do they teach them at that school anyway?

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