Young at Heart Photo Album

wed0201It’s no secret that I have a big passion for photographs.
New photos, dusty old photos, embarrassing photos, clever composition, snapshots, whatever, I love them all.

Today I am going to have you all really dig deep and reveal a few more of yours.
After the massive success of the Favourite Photo Meme which unearthed some utterly gorgeous stories from everyone stretching right across the internet, I am starting another. Stop tutting.
And when I say ‘I’ I mean ‘we’ because this new baby is the brain child of two of us who have plotted and hatched away behind the scenes.

Also I have been given lots of ‘homework’ to do by way of tags and memes and as ever, I’m bundling them all up together and spitting out something similar but not the same.
So my grateful thanks to Tim, Linda, Rosie, Jumbly Mummy, Kat, Bec and Magic Mummy.

So this tag is aiming to create a giant photo album of baby photos across the ether.
But not baby/toddler/youth photos of your children – these photos are of YOU.
Imagine that, a giant wave of photos in a virtual album.
Plus this tag has an air of mystery about it. You have to guess who I’m tagging . . .

I’ve already done it behind the scenes and she’s all primed to go. And she’s already primed her tagee (MTJAM made me use that word!) etc.

So without further ado, I will kick it off with my own Young at Heart photo.

That’s me in the photo above. I am 6 years old and it’s one of my mum’s favourite photos of me.
I am in Morocco with my family on a 6-month travelling holiday around France, Spain and north Africa and, as you can see, I am a proper hippy chick.
Check out my hat. And the kaftan!

During the holiday my mum had me keep a diary/scrapbook of everything we did – an idea I had my own son adopt when we travelled on a memorable 3-week holiday to America last year.
The love of hats thing has stayed with me too.

Now, want to see who is in on this tag with me?

Isn’t she gorgeous?
See if you can guess who it is before you click through to find out who this too cool for school blogger is . . .
She will be posting her Young at Heart photo and story tomorrow, and revealing another youthful blogger for the photo album, so keep them peeled.

And you never know, you could be next to be tagged . . .

NOTE: Make sure you include the name ‘Young at Heart Photo Album’ in your title and post so your entry is easy to find in Google. I will be looking out for you …
There are no rules as such, just keep paying it forward.

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