The Cupcake Challenge 2010



One of the hardest things I’ve found since having a second child is dividing my time effectively so that both children feel they get their fair share.

This is not easy.
Yesterday I got to do just that with my little girl who, let’s be honest, as she was number two doesn’t get much mummy time.
Yesterday we suited up to take part in English Mum’s Cupcake Challenge.

We had a blast. We screamed as egg shell got stuck in our mix, we licked spoons, we got food colouring on daddy’s top and we smeared the left-over icing on Rich Tea biscuits and indulged.

Here are the results:

cake-2 cake-3 cake-4


cake-5 cake-6

Wishing a happy Valentine’s Day to you one and all.
Big sloppy kisses and a lubbly homemade cupcake each x

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