Time with your children is never wasted time



Today the children and I had a full blown snowball fight.
Me against them. In the freshly fallen snow outside our house.
The snow was still falling and gave that satisfying ‘scrunch’ underfoot and we were wrapped up cosily in large coats, large gloves and our snow boots.

We went out to clear the road. We had a job to do.
Instead we played ‘snow war’. I got a bit too competitive and landed a juicy snowball in Mia’s face, delivering an icy cold slap to her cheek, her ear and a large deposit of snow in her hood.

I stood for a second feeling like the world’s worst mother. But then she laughed, that huge infectious laugh brimming with joy and all was good.
I could see people looking out of their windows at us, smiling, chuckling to themselves. I’d like to think they were just a little bit jealous.

We came in wet, tired and our bright red cheeks burning as they are suddenly hit with the hot air inside the house.

I have been moaning and whining all week about the snow and the fact that the school is endlessly shut and I’m having to work into the wee small hours because I can’t get anything done during the day when the children are here.

I take that all back.

Today I fully appreciated being a mum to two wonderfully adventurous, playful, excitable children.
And I will happily stay up until the witching hour tonight in the knowledge that my day has been filled with fun.

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