My girl


She has the biggest brown eyes and a cute elfin face.
She has a huge laugh which she throws around with great abandon.
She is smart, she is adventurous, she is spirited.
She is everything I could ever dream a daughter of mine would be.

But she is so so stubborn.
She will throw her beloved Baby down on the floor in anger just to prove to me how serious she is about not doing what I ask.
She gets so angry, so very angry and will cry and rage and fury will wrack her little frame.
She is defiant, willful, wild.
She throws teenage-sized tantrums.

Tonight we sat on her bed together. We read a story, chatted about our day, made plans for the week ahead.
She allows me to stroke her hair. A cuddle even.
But only for a moment.
Then she gives me a look, then a smile, which melts my heart.
It’s a single moment but it sums up everything about us.
She makes me so fiercely proud of the independent little girl she is.
She is demanding, tiring, testing sometimes.
But she is vivacious, passionate, full of life.
She is just perfect.
She is my girl.

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