A 7 year old’s version of Dirty Dancing

We had friends around for tea on Saturday.
Except ‘tea’ turned into a late one and they didn’t leave until 11pm.
Which didn’t actually matter because it was one of those impromptu get togethers where you have The Best Time.

We ended up all crammed into the back room, 4 grown ups (2 of them rather drunk, neither of them were me) and 4 children dancing like lunatics to an 80s album hubby stumbled on.
We were playing ‘first one to guess the artist’ and grooving along to them all.

Then Cars comes on by Gary Newman and we’re all pointy fingers at each other and doing the old 2 fingers across the eyes dance.

My 7 year-old is horrified, standing there staring at us all.
He pulls me to one side.
“Mummy, look at them. They’re all swearing in there. Do you think they know?”

God love him.


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