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A couple of years ago we took Daniel to see Polar Express in 3D the week before Christmas.
We were totally captured by the magic and it became a festive ‘event’ for us. As part of our family Christmas tradition, we sit together in the dark at home watching this gorgeous movie.

Yesterday I was sent a link from a friend (many thanks Michelle) which looks set to become another.
And it’s too good not to share.
In fact, it’s so good I wanted to stand at the school gate this morning and tell every single parent who walks through the door.

It’s your chance to produce a live video message from Santa to your children. And it’s adorable.
You just need to input a few details. You can even upload your child’s photo (it appears in Santa’s good girls and boys book in the finished video).
Really easy to use and a great (free) early present for the children.
I’m tempted to have one made up for myself because, well you know, I’ve been a really really good girl this year …
Visit Portable North Poleto join in the fun …

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