Our Christmas tree tells the story of our family



Our Christmas tree isn’t fancy.
It isn’t co-ordinated or stylish or like anything you would see in a Good Housekeeping magazine.
We didn’t spend a fortune on the decorations and we don’t update them every other year.
Our tree is filled with memories and every item tells a tale.

There is the flying sheep hubby and I bought when visiting the Lake District one year before we had children and we stumbled on the most adorable craft shop.

There is the chunky wool stocking which we pop a surprise small present in for after dinner.


There is the silver angel a very dear friend sent to me: A friend who I don’t see very often these days.

There is the string of gingerbread men that my nana bought for me when she was alive.

And there are all the decorations that Santa puts in my children’s stockings every year which they hang on the tree on Christmas morning.


Our tree isn’t anything fancy, but it is certainly something special.

What about your Christmas tree? Is there a story behind it, do you even put one up? Do you go totally over top or do you keep it simple?
This post is for Violet Posy who is collecting posts dedicated to Christmas decorations. Go and check out what everyone else is doing this Christmas.

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