I’ve been let loose with a scanner. Try not to laugh please

I LOVE photographs.
I photograph everything because I love that snapshot in time that evokes such powerful memories and tells so many tales.

I have recently acquired a scanner and now all my pre-digital photos, all those forgotten pictures which have been safely locked away in the the pages of endless photograph albums (for yes, I have every one slotted in with dates and captions beside them) are finally free.

So, join me on a short walk down memory lane. Try not to laugh …

1. A child of the 80s. Oh boy did I embrace Duran Duran and that whole New Romantic fashion thing. Don’t really know what to blame the hair on though. Or the fact that I have some kind of black flower thing in it.

2. Cub reporter. Count Duckula was clearly my big inspiration.


3. My favourite picture of me, my mum and her mum. My mum actually had the audacity to look way better than me. How very dare she.

4. Living in a flat above a flower shop. Happy happy times. One of my flat mates? You may recognise her as one of our fellow bloggers . . .


5. On a press trip to visit the Star Wars sets in Tunisia. My nerd tendencies have been embedded for a long long time.
6. Married. We were together for 10 years before we finally wed in 2001 – had to make sure I’d bagged the right man. I had.

7. Pregnant with my first baby. I’m quite possibly the happiest pregnant lady EVER. I did not stop grinning for 9 straight months.


8. And finally . . .



… proof, if proof were needed, that my spirited, tomboy of a daughter takes after me. This is me aged 1 and was my beloved grandpa’s favourite picture of me. I think he would have adored his little great grandaughter had he met her.

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