Things I have said to my daughter today


This post is inspired by the wonderful Millennium Housewife who always pens these sorts of lists so brilliantly.

  • It’s a bed Mia, not a climbing frame.
  • Your snow boots aren’t slippers honey.
  • Stop feeding the cat rice crispies.
  • If you keep touching that something is going to explode. And at this moment it’s most likely to be me.
  • Leave that poor cat alone.
  • Don’t leave rubbish on the floor Mia. No, it’s not too far to the bin. Going to school is too far, going to the supermarket is too far. The bin is about 10 steps away.
  • Put. That. Cat. Down.
  • Get your hands out of there.
  • Why is there yoghurt on the TV?
  • Did you find that biscuit/slice of apple/raisin on the floor?

Stop frightening the cat. She doesn’t want to sit in Baby’s pushchair.

  • Don’t use hair conditioner for cleaning the floor, Mia.
  • I love you very very muchly too, baby girl.
  • No, I know you’re not a baby. Yes, I know you are very grown up. No I won’t ever call you baby girl in public ever.


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